Test Tiles tiles_in_kiln.jpg

You will be making six test tiles for glazes. The tiles need to:
• be the same size and thickness
• have a hole neatly placed for ease of display
• demonstrate careful craftsmanship and attention to detail
• demonstrate following of directions
You and future clay students will be referring to and trusting your tile colors; please follow these directions and indulge your creative ideas later in the class.

Clay Terms to Learn and Love:

1. Wedge clay.
2. Using a rolling pin and wooden guides, roll your clay to ¼ “ thick SLAB.
3. Smooth the slab on both sides with a plastic card or RIB tool.
4. Using a ruler and NEEDLE TOOL, gently mark off your clay to create six 3” x 2.5” tiles.
5. Using a FETTLING KNIFE, gently cut your clay into the six tiles.
6. Roll your extra clay into a ball and place in storage container.
7. Place a template on your tile. Using a NEEDLE tool, push the sharp end through the middle of the hole, then gently pull the whole tool through.
8. Gently smooth down the rough back of the hole, cutting off the little pieces of clay if necessary.
9. Smooth the edges, trying to retain the ¼” thickness of the tile.
10. Using a smoothing tool, press in a squiggly line from the top left to bottom right corner (see image below, as well as examples).
11. Using a sharpish pencil, write your first name and last initial, small, somewhere at the bottom of the back of your tile (This is so you can identify your tiles, find all six, glaze all six, and get credit for all six).
12. Lay your 6 wet clay tiles, FLAT, on a piece of newsprint on a board. Put the tiles/board in a plastic bag, unsealed, and leave on your shelf to dry.