Positive/Negative Space and Contrast: ARTIST EXPLORATION

Read and discuss the idea of the Notan

Each group will pick, at random, one of the following artists to study.

Individually, find the following information and document in a word/pages document:

Brief Background info:
  • Name of artist
  • Country/state of origin
  • Birth/Death Dates
  • Interesting fact(s) - At least two.
Find examples of the artist's work that exhibits each of the following Principles of Art (you are finding four images total):
  • Tension
  • Rhythm
  • Balance (Symmetry vs. Asymmetry; please identify which it is)
  • Emphasis
*Please note the artwork's title and date next to each
*Make note of why you think the work demonstrates the Principles.
Give MLA credit to the websites you use.
Individually, please pass in a hard copy of the above information
* Insert visuals into the document, but please make them small. Print to YHSArt.

As a group you will be creating a larger visual that compiles your information. It should include, but not be limited to:

  • The brief background information you found (including interesting facts)
  • One large visual and at least three smaller ones that are representative of your artist's work with SHAPES. You must title and date each of the works.
  • A photo of your artist, if possible

Your information and presentation should be clear, creative, and dynamic! Each of your group members is responsible for presenting some information.

Your large visual will be hung in the classroom.

Robert Indiana

Henri Matisse

Joan Miro


Stuart Davis

Piet Mondrian**